Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mind Power Lesson 5

In Lesson 4 we learned about Subliminal Messaging, which is unique
in that it involves very little effort on your part and creates the
mindset you desire quickly.

Mind Technique #3 is: your 'Ideal Day Generation'

This mind technique can be the most important thing you can do to
achieving your dreams.

It doesn't need to be performed as often as the others, but its
impact is powerful, and long lasting.

A certain magic occurs when you place pen to paper (or fingers to
keyboard) and document what you are feeling or thinking inside.

In a sense, your written thoughts and feeling become more "alive".


And this is a HUGE problem because if we can't see our goals and
desires *clearly* our subconscious mind can't help us achieve them.

Saying that I want to have lots of money or anything else someday doesn't give the
subconscious a definitive target to aim for.

How much is lots of money? $500? $50,000? $5,000,000? And when
will "someday" be?

In a month? A year? Ten years? Next Tuesday?


To raise the odds of having the life you always wanted, you must
first write down exactly how you would like that life to be.

Makes sense, right?

It's going to serve as your guiding light. Whenever faced with a
decision, you will now be able to think:

"Will choosing this bring me closer or further away from my Ideal

This should quicken the time it takes to make decisions and will
GREATLY improve the choices that you make.

Not only that - but it will be your "snapshot" into the future.
When you are struggling and feeling defeated, you can always go
back to your Ideal Day and get motivation from it.


The Ideal Day Generation mind technique will really get your
imagination going. It should be exciting and FUN.

You get to write down ANYTHING at all that you would like in your
ideal day.


Never limit your ideas - especially when it comes to wealth. Is it
possible for you to have 200 million dollars in the bank? Yes, it
is possible and that's all your subconscious needs to know.

And don't worry about how you will make the events in your Ideal
Day come true. That's exactly what your subconscious mind will be
working on.

You worry about the 'WHAT' and your subconscious (along with the
powerful universal laws of attraction!) will worry about the 'HOW'.


** The above sentence is absolutely critical. Please read it again,
because I cannot underscore the importance of this enough. **

Now, because your Action Plan for designing your perfect Ideal Day
involves 5 important steps ... I'll stop myself from simply "glossing
over them" in this lesson... (today's letter is already getting too

To make sure you get the *most* benefit from this great technique,
I will outline all 5 steps for you in the next letter.

Until then, I'd like you to have a good "think" about what you
would ask for on your unlimited.

Keep an eye out for your next lesson, because in all
due seriousness, this particular mind technique can take you one
BIG LEAP forward in accomplishing your goals...

Look forward to it! :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mind Power Lesson 4

Now that you have a handle on Affirmation Imprinting, let's move on
to a similar mind technique that will help you finally get the
results you always wanted in life.

Mind Technique #2 is logically, Subliminal Messaging...

Subliminal messages are like affirmations in that they're also
statements of the behaviors you would like to have...

They will be formatted the same way: personal, positive and in the
present tense.

BUT ...Here is the critical difference with subliminal messages:

You are going to "bypass" your conscious mind and send those
statements directly to your subconscious.

Your conscious mind won't even notice them.

You can see some 'proof' that these techniques not only work, but
can work extremely fast.
Why would we want to bypass the conscious mind?

Unlike the subconscious mind that accepts everything, good or bad,
that you say to it as fact, the conscious mind uses reasoning,
intellect, experience and emotion to determine whether or not
something is true or false.

If the conscious mind (I refer to it as the "critical mind") sees a
statement as being false, it will reject it and not allow it to
reach the subconscious where it could have made an impact.


Let's say you've always been dirt poor, but you truly want to
accumulate wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle. So you start using
the Affirmation Imprinting technique that you learned in Lesson 2.

Your affirmation is "I easily make ten thousand dollars each month."

You say this affirmation for weeks, maybe even months with little

What happened?

My guess is the affirmation so far away from what the current
reality is, that your conscious mind is rejecting that statement as
being totally inaccurate.

It's saying to itself, "Make ten thousand dollars each month?? I
barely made ten thousand last year. This statement is absurd."

The statement is then dismissed and thrown out.

This is why we need to "bypass" the conscious mind and send those
statements directly to your subconscious.

You're probably wondering why we would even bother with Affirmation
Imprinting when we could just use Subliminal Messaging.

The reason for using both is because together they can multiply the

So, let's say:

You saw a 20 percent improvement using just Affirmation Imprinting
and saw a 40 percent improvement using just Subliminal Messaging,
you would get greater than 60% improvement using them in

Also, the amount of natural resistance created by the conscious
mind is not only unique for each individual, but it is also varies
within the different areas of your life.

So you may have a strong resistance to the affirmation "I weigh
135lbs" ...

But have virtually NO resistance at all to the statement "I easily
earn ten thousand dollars each month." So basically, combining
both techniques instantly enhances your results.


To do this we are going to need a little assistance from
technology. There are two main types of subliminal messages:
auditory and visual.

* Auditory (or audio) messages try to sneak by the critical mind by
being played at frequencies that we can't consciously hear. My
results have been mixed and therefore, I tend to no longer use
subliminal auditory messages "on their own".

* Visual subliminal messages are just what they sound like. These
messages are going to be flashed in front of your eyes for a split
second. It's long enough for your subconscious to register the
message, but too quick for you to consciously read it.

Powerful positive subliminal 'affirmations' now flood your
subconscious mind -- Without your critical mind being able to
filter them out!

There are many audio CDs and visual software programs available to
help you accomplish this, however...

The most effective way to use subliminal messaging "combines" both
Visual and Auditory commands.


The intelligent warrior video series is the only subliminal program
I have seen that uses BOTH visual and auditory messages to bypass
your conscious mind.

It has been professionally produced to the highest standards and
has received fabulous customer feedback. It's the only subliminal
messaging program that I'm prepared to put my name to.

Having received such phenomenal results with this program myself, I
can personally recommend the effectiveness of these videos.

All you do is press 'play' and without you even thinking about it
or putting in any effort on your part, your subconscious mind is
getting bombarded with powerful messages that will create the
changes you want in life.

It doesn't get easier than that.

Your "Action Plan" for Subliminal Messaging:

STEP 1) Purchase a visual subliminal message program. I personally
use and recommend the Intelligent Warrior Video Series if you want
a powerful program.

STEP 2) Be sure to watch one of your subliminal videos each time
you use your computer (the best time is in the morning)

Because these messages are "bypassing" your conscious mind,
powerful, positive changes will happen for you automatically.

In the next lesson, we'll talk about Ideal Day Generation, and why
it may be the most important thing you can do to achieving your

Mind Power Lesson 3

Now let's crank up the power of these affirmations with my easy
'6-STEP System':


Choose a maximum of three behaviors you would like to change.

If you're just starting out, trying to change too many things at
once will greatly reduce the probability of any affirmations being
imprinted onto your subconscious.

Ideally, you want to choose just ONE behavior to focus on. Once
you start to see the effects of your affirmation becoming your
reality, only then would you start with a new affirmation.


Get ten index cards (the 3 1/2 by 5 inch kind) and using the
guidelines I gave to you in the previous lesson, properly write out
your affirmation in...

BIG, BOLD Lettering.


You are going to place these ten cards around your environment so
that you see them CONSTANTLY.

Place one by your bed, one on your refrigerator, one on your
bathroom mirror, one on the steering wheel of your car (please
don't try to read the affirmation while you're driving)....

One by your computer monitor, and so on in places where you will
see them often. I find it also helps if I keep one in my pocket.


As soon as you wake up in the morning and right before you fall
asleep at night, say the affirmation OUT LOUD Twenty Times.

When you repeat these statements, speak with Enthusiasm, and Smile
knowing that with each affirmation read are deepening the
"imprint" on your subconscious mind.


Each time you see any of the other index cards that you wrote the
affirmation on, say the statement out loud ten times, again with
enthusiasm and faith.


When the imprinting occurs and you start to see the changes in your
life "magically" happen, you can move on to a new affirmation to
work on.

I know that it sounds over simplistic, but this mind technique has
worked for countless others and can work for you if you maintain
the discipline to carry it out.

If you'd like to 'effortlessly' reprogram your Inner Mind for
success ...
In our next lesson, we'll talk about a powerful mind technique that
will help you finally get the results you always wanted in life.

You'll love it! :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mind Power Lesson 2

Are you ready to learn ADVANCED Mind power tactics that 99% of the world doesn't know exist?

One of my passions is the human mind, and how it can be used to create any life that you want. It's simply amazing, really. It's so amazing that at times it seems almost magical. In the coming days, I'm going to give you FIVE Simple But Powerful Mind Techniques that will quickly unlock your brain - and help you create your ideal life. In the final Lesson, I show you how to use all five mental techniques together to multiply their effects.

A Word of Caution!!When used together; these 5 Mind Techniques are very powerful and highly effective ... I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to check out each of the valuable lessons. It can benefit anyone who is struggling to accomplish almost anything: weight loss, quit smoking, better memory, higher confidence, greater wealth, and on and on. If you decide that you'd like to get on the "fast track" to creating your dream life, then I recommend that you check out the Super Mind Evoloution System.

1st Mind Technique: Affirmation Imprinting

You are probably familiar with affirmations. They are your 'desires' made into Statements that you read or say to yourself. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THIS SIMPLE MIND TECHNIQUE The goal with Affirmation Imprinting is to repeat a statement over and over again, day after day, until it makes an "imprint" on your subconscious.

Once this occurs, your subconscious mind will sense a difference between what it sees as being "real" and your outer physical world. It will seem almost magical the way doors and opportunities open up for you 'everywhere' in order to make that affirmation a reality. But wait! In order for the affirmation imprinting to occur most effectively,the affirmation statements need to be written a specific way...



You are going to use the words "I" and "My" in each case. For example, a proper affirmation would be "I am confident when speaking in front of a large audience", not "You are confident...."


You would state your affirmation like this: "I eat healthy meals each day." A negative, and thus ineffective affirmation, would be"I don't eat junk food." You see - although the subconscious is a powerful tool, it is still rather simple. It sees what you are saying as "images" rather than words... so it can't comprehendwords like "don't" and "can't." When you say, "I don't eat junk food," your subconscious mind brings up an IMAGE of you and junk food, and you actually begin to reinforce the behavior that you are trying to change!


Logically you would think to make your affirmation in the future tense, as in "I will be successful in my business." But this isn't the case. When you put your statement out into the future, no "tension" is created within the subconscious mind, and therefore NO imprinting or changes will occur. Just by changing that same affirmation to present tense, "I AM successful in my business," you create the tension needed and your subconscious goes to work. These three guidelines are CRUCIAL to Affirmation Imprinting. Ok, now you know how to write persuasive affirmations.

In lesson 3, I'll show you how to "crank up" the power of your affirmations with my easy '6-STEP System'. You'll also learn the MOST Effective time of day when you should be saying your affirmations. (yes, it matters!)

Mind Power Lesson 1

The mind is a truly amazing tool. Anything that you want to have,do, or be -- your mind can make happen. But the reality is... as powerful as the mind is, humans for themost part greatly under use it. We've all heard the theory that we only use about 10% of our brain's capacity.

Just 10%! What's even crazier is that new studies suggest we don't even use that much. It may be closer to 1 percent ...even as low as 1/10 thof 1 percent. So "why" aren't we using more of our brains and minds? I believe it's because we honestly don't realize how much we're capable of.

Right now, right this very second, you live in this oversized, ten million dollar mansion. It has 26 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, an indoor heated pool, a bowling alley, two kitchens, three exercise rooms, a movie theater, six hot tubs, and even a carousel for when kids come over.

Trust me, you have all this right now inside you. The problem is you don't know it. And because you don't know are living in a small, cramped closet in one of the many bedrooms that you have. Now - if you *knew* about the rest of the house, you'd be out of that closet in a second, wouldn't you? Unfortunately most people don't know the rest of the house exists, so they live frustrated in that cramped little closet....Feeling trapped, poor and unhappy - when there is a MASSIVE FEAST on the other side of the door.

Ok, so now you know about the mansion inside of you. What's next? Once you realize you have this incredible potential already in you, the next step is to use simple but powerful techniques to help your' subconscious mind' transform your potential ...into REALITY. There are some very *powerful* mind techniques that've been around for many years, but few people know of them ...and even fewer still actually perform them.

If you look at the biographies and writings of most great individuals, you will see they put these "mind techniques" into daily practice (although many did so without being aware of it). This Is Exciting News!Just Think: Whether you want a million dollars, a slimmer figure, more confidence, a better golf game, or anything else can have it.

Performing these 'mind techniques' puts you back in charge. In the coming days, I'll be providing you with clear,easy-to-follow "action steps" and guidance to help you activate your 'hidden mind powers', and get you on track to reach your goals and your dreams faster and easier than you thought would ever bepossible. This will become your guaranteed "Action Plan" for SUCCESS -- in every and any area of your life you choose to apply it.